Flashcard is a simple yet flexible flashcard widget for FigJam. It is compatible with anything in Figma/FigJam that can be turned into an SVG.

In short, simply select the front of your card, then click the widget to add it to the current side. Then, you can click it to flip over, and add another side in the same way.

Behind the scenes

Flashcard is born out of my (originally existing) need for a FigJam card widget that can be flipped in order to conduct the workshops for our paper "Designing Social Interactions for Learning Personalized Knowledge in Service Robots".

Although I didn't end up using it in the workshops, it managed to find its way into Melody's thesis work. Since then, it has had some likes and installs on Figma Community as well. Oh the places you'll go!

Next steps

I'll be mostly doing maintenance on this project, unless I get an idea or a compelling suggestion for a new feature (likely from @melody_orz XD).