Review on Artificial Intelligence Products and Service System

Xiaohua Sun, Yiwen Zhang, Lu Hou, Wenjie Zhou, Shengchen Zhang


In the era of a new generation of artificial intelligence, this work aims to analyze and identify the characteristics and value of artificial intelligence products and service systems, indicates the future development trends, and provides references for related design, technology and application research. Starting from the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), the concepts of AI products and service systems is defined in this paper. Typical AI products and related research are reviewed and analyzed, and the key features and supporting technologies of artificial intelligence products are summarized. Then, this paper explores the typical service scenarios of AI products and reviews the current status of relevant research. Finally, the future trends and challenges are predict based on the previous analysis. This paper indicates that the typical characteristics of AI products include context awareness, adaptive learning, autonomous decision-making, proactive interaction and collaboration. Framework of supporting technologies of AI products is described, that data and computing power as base, algorithms as core, and multiple underlying technologies and general technologies supporting applications in various scenarios. The value that the service system of AI products can bring is analyzed in different scenarios. The future trends are predicted as the transformation from tech-driven to design driven, and the switch of perspective from single AI product to service system.